4JC.IN is useless for anyone but me, but it's still useful for me.  A simple tool, a weekend project, and a little exploratory on the web design side of things.  The point is to have ready my own HTML bootstrapping system.  With a quick call from the web directory, I can have everything I need downloaded and setup.  The command is short, and easy to remember.

curl 4jc.in/to | sh

Yes, I'm running a remote file from the shell.  Evil me!

Really though, it's simple.  The name is meaningful in several ways, too.

  • JC.IN sounds like Jason.  Putting the 4 in front makes it "For Jason"
  • JC is JavaScript and CSS (the original meaning).  For JavaScript and CSS In To here.

I eventually plan on adding some additional things.  Zend Framework download and set up with some basic things I always include, other libraries I'll pick up.  Font's I like.  A basic template for HTML.  robots.txt, humans.txt, and privacy.txt files.

All sorts of little things.

In the grand scheme of the web, 4JC.IN doesn't do anything for anyone.  It's a tool for me to use.  But it was fun.  It is fun.  It's a place to put the tools I use.  I may link them into git, so a quick command will fetch me the latest files and what not from a git repository.  I don't know.  But it's easy. And I like it.