Eclipse with FTP Support


FTP in Eclipse? This question gets asked a lot.  An FTP plugin for Eclipse that will put your file up onto the server with a save of the file.  I don't use it much, but for fast projects on my home server, it makes things easy.

The plugin is called ESFTP and still works.  The files were last updated in 2007, but installs and runs just fine on a current Eclipse install.  It has few features, but all the important ones.  The key bindings in the plugin don't work.  However, you can use the Eclipse Keys options under General preferences to set them.  Just search for esftp.  You'll probably want to edit the Put File to Server and Save functionality.  That will save the file locally, and FTP it up to the remote server.

It currently only supports FTP and SFTP.  Passwords are stored locally as plain text.  But it works.