Inbred Code Review


I've never heard this term before, but it's something I've coined here at work. Essentially, it's when a few people working on the same project pass code reviews back and forth to one another.  Problems in the code are harder to detect, because the same group of people get tunnel vision. They see the same code all day long, and find it harder to edit.

Code reviews are supposed to solve that problem.  You giving your code to another person to review, to pass a critical eye looking for design mistakes.  When the people you pass your code to is as familiar with the code as you are, it deadens their ability to look at your code with a fresh look.

Be wary of inbred code reviews.  Try to include on person not familiar with the project on code reviews.

"Jason, looks ok to me, but I think we need to expand the gene pool on this baby."

On another note, I didn't realize it was so long since I last blogged.  I have a lot to write, so I'm going to try to implement some form of schedule for writing more often.  I enjoy it, I just forget to.