brown wooden spoon with brown and white seeds
Photo by Fernanda Martinez on Unsplash

Launch day


I’m sharing out StreamWords with people. Hopefully people will enjoy it. We have fun playing it on stream. Things I’ve learned about StreamWords.

  • 4-6 letters is best.
  • Keep the words simple. Don’t use obscure words.
  • People need to guess with real words (so they can’t just spam “aaaaa”, “bbbbb”, etc.)

I want to include a tournament mode. Set it to 10, 20, or 30 words, and let it run. People get points for guessing the word, but also getting the letters as well. This means if someone guesses letters, they can still get points and no one falls too far behind. Guessing the word is still the most points, but it also rewards playing. It also helps account for latency.

Latency is an issue. On platforms with added latency, like Twitch, I’d have to account for this in some other way (letting people go to the site to play, but that means people can’t play while watching stream. It’s a challenge.

What did I have for breakfast?

  • Greek yogurt
  • Granola
  • Chia seeds

It’s filling, and i like it. I also had some coffee with honey.


It’s busy. 😩