My wife, the geek



My wife is a geek.  A Mac geek, an Illustrator geek, and now a Photographer geek.   In light of this, she's decided to start a blog of sorts. She is also putting together a web page at where she will show off her photos.

Her reasoning for blogging is simple.  To track her journey from novice to professional.  To gain assistance in this journey.  To gain exposure.  To learn.

To get her to blog, and to also get me to start blogging more often, we made an agreement.  The agreement was simple.  Every time she posted something to her blog, I'd have to post something to my blog.  Every time I post something to my blog, she has to post something to hers.  It's back and forth, and since we are fairly competitive between ourselves (in a loving caring way that only those in love can replicate), it should help.

Anyways, the picture is of my newly acquired tea set.  Well, except for the mug, which we've had a set of for some time (which goes with our plates).  Anyways, the free flowing tea cup on the right allows you to mix the tea leaves with the water freely, and when it's done steeping, you simply place it on top of the mug, and the water drains out the bottom, minus the tea leaves.  It makes for some wonderful tea.

The water heater in the center there is also nice.  It's not too big, but just the right size.  It heats water real quick.  All together, my tea drinking days are in full force.