The Next Mac mini from Apple


Making a prediction here.  The next Mac mini's will be really small.  Think, Macbook Air small.  Just sit and think for a moment.  Put in an SSD drive, remove the super drive, and you have a really small, tightly compact computer.    I imagine you could cut the size in half.  Just a bit larger than the 2nd generation AppleTV.

I'd love this.  An ultra small desktop computer that I can bring with me? A portable development server.  I don't think this is unreasonable, what with Apple's push toward making everything smaller.  SSD drives are getting cheaper, and they have that market locked tight.  With a move away from super drives, I can foresee removing them from the Mac minis.  You could always buy the external if needed, but I imagine they'll suggest you won't.  After all, media you get from iTunes, and Apps you get from Apple's App Store for Mac.

So yeah, that's my prediction.