ssh connection sharing

ControlMaster and ControlPath are the ssh config options you are looking to use here. You'll want to add them to your ssh config file, which is located in ~/.ssh/config You simply want to add the following lines to your config file. Host *ControlMaster autoControlPath ~/.ssh/control_%r@%h:%p…

Sometimes I amaze myself

Zach posted to HN about how he wanted to work for a company like Twilio, but wasn't sure. I am not an example of brevity when I write, so I was quite happy with what amounted to perfect advice. You can read my comment here.

Normalisation of data

This post used to be called Don't confuse validation with filtering. This was meant to be about normalising data, but at the time, filtering was at the forefront of my mine due to work that did some of the things discussed here. Filtering, validation, and…

Profiling a PHP Application

Eric Hogue, a fellow PHP programmer up here in Montreal has written about Profiling a PHP Application. It's a solid step-by-step setup of XHProf, XHGui, Xdebug for profiling with kcachegrind, and siege. Take a look!